Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 40.650
Effect of rejecting reasonable offer of settlement; effect of failing to take certain actions concerning defect; effect of coverage available under homeowner’s warranty.


If a claimant unreasonably rejects a reasonable written offer of settlement made as part of a response pursuant to paragraph (b) of subsection 2 of NRS 40.6472 and thereafter commences an action governed by NRS 40.600 to 40.695, inclusive, the court in which the action is commenced may:


Deny the claimant’s attorney’s fees and costs; and


Award attorney’s fees and costs to the contractor.
Ê Any sums paid under a builder’s warranty, other than sums paid in satisfaction of claims that are collateral to any coverage issued to or by the contractor, must be deducted from any recovery.


If a contractor, subcontractor, supplier or design professional fails to:


Comply with the provisions of NRS 40.6472;


Make an offer of settlement;


Make a good faith response to the claim asserting no liability;


Agree to a mediator or accept the appointment of a mediator pursuant to NRS 40.680; or


Participate in mediation,
Ê the limitations on damages and defenses to liability provided in NRS 40.600 to 40.695, inclusive, do not apply and the claimant may commence an action or amend a complaint to add a cause of action for a constructional defect without satisfying any other requirement of NRS 40.600 to 40.695, inclusive.


If a residence or appurtenance that is the subject of the claim is covered by a builder’s warranty, a claimant shall diligently pursue a claim under the builder’s warranty.


Nothing in this section prohibits an offer of judgment pursuant to Rule 68 of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure or NRS 17.117 or 40.652.

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