Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 40.509
Limitation on amount of damages recoverable in action concerning environmental provision; recovery of interest.


Unless the environmental provision expressly permits a different or greater recovery or subsection 2 permits the addition of interest, the damages recoverable by a secured lender in an action pursuant to NRS 40.508 are limited to the sum of reimbursement or indemnification for:


If the secured lender acted pursuant to an order of any federal, state or local governmental agency relating to the cleaning up, remedying or other responsive action required by applicable law which is anticipated by the environmental provision, all amounts reasonably advanced in good faith by the secured lender in connection therewith;


If the secured lender did not act pursuant to such an order, those costs relating to a reasonable cleaning up, remedying or other responsive action concerning hazardous substances, performed in good faith, which is anticipated by the environmental provision;


All liabilities of the secured lender to any third party relating to the breach, unless the secured lender had actual knowledge of the environmental condition which is the basis of the claim for indemnification before entering into the transaction in which the environmental provision was given; and


Costs, attorney’s fees and other incidental relief.


If the parties have so agreed, the secured lender may recover interest on the amount advanced by the secured lender to cure or mitigate the breach.

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