Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 40.462
Distribution of proceeds of foreclosure sale.


Except as otherwise provided by specific statute, this section governs the distribution of the proceeds of a foreclosure sale. The provisions of NRS 40.455, 40.457 and 40.459 do not affect the right to receive those proceeds, which vests at the time of the foreclosure sale. The purchase of any interest in the property at the foreclosure sale, and the subsequent disposition of the property, does not affect the right of the purchaser to the distribution of proceeds pursuant to paragraph (c) of subsection 2, or to obtain a deficiency judgment pursuant to NRS 40.455, 40.457 and 40.459.


The proceeds of a foreclosure sale must be distributed in the following order of priority:


Payment of the reasonable expenses of taking possession, maintaining, protecting and leasing the property, the costs and fees of the foreclosure sale, including reasonable trustee’s fees, applicable taxes and the cost of title insurance and, to the extent provided in the legally enforceable terms of the mortgage or lien, any advances, reasonable attorney’s fees and other legal expenses incurred by the foreclosing creditor and the person conducting the foreclosure sale.


Satisfaction of the obligation being enforced by the foreclosure sale.


Satisfaction of obligations secured by any junior mortgages or liens on the property, in their order of priority.


Payment of the balance of the proceeds, if any, to the debtor or the debtor’s successor in interest.
Ê If there are conflicting claims to any portion of the proceeds, the person conducting the foreclosure sale is not required to distribute that portion of the proceeds until the validity of the conflicting claims is determined through interpleader or otherwise to the person’s satisfaction.


A person who claims a right to receive the proceeds of a foreclosure sale pursuant to paragraph (c) of subsection 2 must, upon the written demand of the person conducting the foreclosure sale, provide:


Proof of the obligation upon which the claimant claims a right to the proceeds; and


Proof of the claimant’s interest in the mortgage or lien, unless that proof appears in the official records of a county in which the property is located.
Ê Such a demand is effective upon personal delivery or upon mailing by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known address of the claimant. Failure of a claimant to provide the required proof within 15 days after the effective date of the demand waives the claimant’s right to receive those proceeds.

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