NRS 396.892
Repayment of loans

  • exceptions
  • regulations.


Each student who receives a loan made pursuant to NRS 396.890 to 396.898, inclusive, shall repay the loan and accrued interest pursuant to the terms of the loan unless the student:


Practices nursing in a rural area of Nevada or as an employee of the State for 6 months for each academic year for which he or she received a loan; or


Practices nursing in any other area of Nevada for 1 year for each academic year for which he or she received a loan.


The Board of Regents may adopt regulations:


Extending the time for completing the required practice beyond 5 years for persons who are granted extensions because of hardship; and


Granting prorated credit towards repayment of a loan for time a person practices nursing as required, for cases in which the period for required practice is only partially completed,
Ê and such other regulations as are necessary to carry out the provisions of NRS 396.890 to 396.898, inclusive.


As used in this section, “practices nursing in a rural area” means that the person practices nursing in an area located in a county whose population is less than 47,500 at least half of the total time the person spends in the practice of nursing, and not less than 20 hours per week.

Source: Section 396.892 — Repayment of loans; exceptions; regulations., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-396.­html#NRS396Sec892.

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