Nevada Education
Sec. § 388F.080
Designation of liaison to facilitate implementation and administration of Compact; duties and qualifications of liaison.


Each school district shall designate an employee of the school district to serve as a liaison between the school district and military families within the school district to facilitate the implementation and administration of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children within the school district. The liaison designated by the school district shall:


Coordinate with the liaison appointed pursuant to NRS 388F.030 and other liaisons designated pursuant to this section regarding the provision of information about the Compact;


Provide support to parents and guardians of children of military families in understanding the provisions of and protections provided by the Compact; and


Take such other actions as necessary to facilitate the proper administration of the Compact within the school district.


Each school district shall ensure that the person designated to serve as a liaison pursuant to subsection 1 possesses knowledge of the Compact and has the necessary training, skills and experience to carry out the duties of the liaison.
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