Nevada Education

Sec. § 388A.167
Plan to manage growth of charter schools.


The State Public Charter School Authority shall establish a plan to manage the growth of charter schools in this State. The plan must set forth the status of existing charter schools and a 5-year projection of anticipated growth in the number of charter schools.


To develop the plan pursuant to subsection 1, the Authority shall determine the projected number of:


New charter schools that the Authority will approve;


Additional campuses of charter schools that the Authority will approve;


Charter schools that will expand the grade levels offered at the charter schools or will otherwise increase enrollment of pupils at the charter schools; and


Charter schools whose charter contracts will expire and the likelihood that the charter contracts will be renewed.


In addition to the information described in subsection 2, to develop the plan pursuant to subsection 1, the Authority shall consider:


Information relating to pupils included in the statewide system of accountability for public schools, including, without limitation, information relating to specific groups and subgroups of pupils;


Information relating to the academic needs of pupils in the various geographic areas of the State; and


Any other information the Authority deems necessary to determine whether increasing the number of charter schools or expanding the campuses of existing charter schools will best serve the pupils of this State.


The Authority, the Department and each board of trustees of a school district in this State shall collaborate in developing the plan pursuant to subsection 1.


The Authority shall review the plan at least biennially and revise the plan as necessary.

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