Nevada Education

Sec. § 387.1216
Establishment of method to calculate adjustment for necessarily small schools.


To account for the increased cost to a school district to operate a public school for a small number of pupils which may be necessary in certain circumstances, the Department shall establish by regulation a method to calculate an adjustment for each necessarily small school.


Not later than May 1 of each even-numbered year, the Department shall review and determine whether revisions are necessary to the method for determining the adjustment for each necessarily small school. The Department shall present the review and any revisions at a meeting of the Legislative Committee on Education for consideration and recommendations by the Committee. After the meeting, the Department shall consider any recommendations of the Legislative Committee on Education, determine whether to include those recommendations and adopt by regulation any revision to the method. The Department shall submit any revision to the method to each school district, the Governor and the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau.

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