Nevada Libraries; Museums; Historic Preservation

Sec. § 380A.041
Qualifications of members; ex officio members; term limits.


The Governor shall appoint to the Council:


A representative of public libraries;


A trustee of a legally established library or library system;


A representative of school libraries;


A representative of academic libraries;


A representative of special libraries or institutional libraries;


A representative of persons with disabilities;


A representative of the public who uses these libraries;


A representative of recognized state labor organizations;


A representative of private sector employers;


A representative of private literacy organizations, voluntary literacy organizations or community-based literacy organizations; and


A classroom teacher who has demonstrated outstanding results in teaching children or adults to read.


The director of the following state agencies or their designees shall serve as ex officio members of the Council:


The Department of Administration;


The Department of Education;


The Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation;


The Department of Health and Human Services;


The Office of Economic Development; and


The Department of Corrections.


Officers of State Government whose agencies provide funding for literacy services may be designated by the Governor or the Chair of the Council to serve whenever matters within the jurisdiction of the agency are considered by the Council.


The Governor shall ensure that there is appropriate representation on the Council of urban and rural areas of the State, women, persons with disabilities, and racial and ethnic minorities.


A person may not serve as a member of the Council for more than two consecutive terms.

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