Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 38.253
Adoption of rules by Supreme Court; training; administration by district courts; fees; arbitrator deemed employee of court for certain purposes.


The Supreme Court shall adopt rules to provide for the establishment of a program of arbitration pursuant to NRS 38.250.


The Supreme Court, in association with the State Bar of Nevada or other organizations, shall provide training in arbitration for attorneys and nonattorneys.


The district courts in each judicial district shall administer the program in their respective districts in accordance with the rules adopted by Supreme Court.


The Supreme Court may:


Charge each person who applies for training as an arbitrator an application fee.


Charge a fee to cover the cost of the training programs.


For the purposes of NRS 41.0305 to 41.039, inclusive, a person serving as an arbitrator shall be deemed an employee of the court while in the performance of the person’s duties under the program.

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