Nevada Revenue and Taxation

Sec. § 377.050
Remittances to Department; deposits in Sales and Use Tax Account; transfers.


All fees, taxes, interest and penalties imposed and all amounts of tax required to be paid to counties under this chapter must be paid to the Department in the form of remittances made payable to the Department.


The Department shall deposit the payments with the State Treasurer for credit to the Sales and Use Tax Account in the State General Fund.


The State Controller, acting upon the collection data furnished by the Department, shall, before making the distributions required by NRS 360.850, 360.855, 377.055 and 377.057, monthly transfer from the Sales and Use Tax Account 1.75 percent of all fees, taxes, interests and penalties collected pursuant to this chapter during the preceding month to the appropriate account in the State General Fund as compensation to the State for the cost of collecting the tax.

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