Nevada Revenue and Taxation

Sec. § 376A.030
Authority of board of county commissioners following adoption of open-space plan.


If an open-space plan is adopted pursuant to NRS 376A.020, the board of county commissioners may:


Operate, manage, improve and maintain as open space land, any land to which the county holds title, or to which a city within the county holds title if the governing body of the city so requests; and


Acquire by purchase, contracts of purchase which extend beyond their respective terms of office, by gift, or by any other manner, parcels of land, rights in land or water rights in connection therewith for open-space use in accordance with the open-space plan.


For the purpose of this section, title is held by the county or the city if the county or the city has the right to acquire a clear title by discharging a fixed encumbrance, whether created by contract, mortgage or deed of trust.

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