NRS 374.015
Legislative finding and declaration.

The Legislature, having carefully considered the needs of the public school system and the financial resources of the State of Nevada, and its several classes of local governments, finds and declares:


That sound principles of government require an increased contribution by the local district, which controls its schools, to their support.


That such an increase equitably should not and economically cannot be provided through an increase in the tax upon property.


That there is no other object of taxation, except retail sales, which is so generally distributed among the several school districts in proportion to their respective population and wealth as to be suitable for the imposition of a tax in each school district for the support of its local schools.


That it is therefore necessary to impose, in addition to the sales and use taxes enacted in 1955 to provide revenue for the State of Nevada, a separate tax upon the privilege of selling tangible personal property at retail in each county to provide revenue for the school district comprising such county.


That in order to avoid imposing unfair competitive hardships upon merchants in the several counties, it is necessary that such additional tax be imposed:


At the same rate in each county; and


Upon tangible personal property purchased outside this State for use within the State.


That the imposition of such a tax at a mandatory and uniform rate throughout the counties of the State makes such tax a fair counterpart to the mandatory property tax levy which it is designed to supplement.


That the tax collected upon property purchased outside the State, which cannot for this reason be returned to its county of origin, can best serve its purpose of supporting local schools if it is channeled to the several school districts through the State Distributive School Account in the State General Fund.


That the convenience of the public and of retail merchants will best be served by imposing the local school support tax upon exactly the same transactions, requiring the same reports and making such tax parallel in all respects to the sales and use taxes.

Source: Section 374.015 — Legislative finding and declaration., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-374.­html#NRS374Sec015.

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