Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 37.240
Two railroad companies may have right-of-way over same passes; change and expense of reconstruction of public highway.

Any railroad company whose right-of-way, or whose track or roadbed upon such right-of-way passes through any canyon, pass or defile, shall not prevent any other railroad company from the use or occupancy of such canyon, pass or defile for the purposes of its road, in common with the road first located, or the crossing of other railroads at grade; and the location of such right-of-way through any canyon, pass or defile shall not cause the disuse of any public highway now located therein, nor prevent the location through the same of any such highway where such highway may be necessary for the public accommodation; and where any change in the location of such highway is necessary to permit the passage of such railroad through any canyon, pass or defile, the railroad company shall, before entering upon the ground occupied by such highway, cause the same to be reconstructed at its own expense in the most favorable location, and in as perfect a manner as the original highway. Such expenses shall be equitably divided between any number of railroad companies occupying and using the same canyon, pass or defile.

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