Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 37.036
Rights of owner of monorail; acquirer shall hold owner and operator harmless from liability.


If the State of Nevada or a city or county seeks to acquire through exercise, or the threat of exercise, of the power of eminent domain all or part of, or the right to operate, a monorail installed or operated pursuant to NRS 705.610 to 705.700, inclusive, the owner is entitled, in addition to any other right provided by law:


To adequate contractual assurance that, after acquisition, the acquirer will provide service, fares and performance conforming to those existing at the time of acquisition, for the period necessary to protect the usefulness of the monorail to the owner; and


To approve any future deletions from or reconfigurations of the monorail, including passenger stations.


The acquirer shall hold the owner and operator harmless from any liability or claim arising after the acquisition from the operation or any change made in the installation of the monorail or from any act or omission of the acquirer or its employees, contractors or agents.

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