NRS 366.650
Requirements for refund or credit

  • examination of records of claimant.


If illegally or through error the Department collects or receives any excise tax, penalty or interest imposed pursuant to this chapter, the excise tax, penalty or interest must be refunded to the person who paid the tax, penalty or interest. A written application for a refund, including, without limitation, a request for a refund that is submitted on an amended tax return, stating the specific grounds therefor, must be made within 12 months after the date of payment, whether or not the excise tax, penalty or interest was paid voluntarily or under protest.


Refunds must be made to a successor, assignee, estate or heir of the person if written application is made within the time limit.


Any amount determined to be refundable by the Department must be refunded or credited to any amounts then due from the special fuel supplier or special fuel dealer.


All amounts refunded pursuant to the provisions of this chapter must be paid from the State Highway Fund on claims presented by the Department, approved by the State Board of Examiners, and allowed and paid as other claims against the State are allowed and paid.


A licensed special fuel user operating interstate or off road, or both, who can prove to the satisfaction of the Department that his or her special fuel purchases in Nevada exceed his or her use of the special fuel over the highways of this State for a certain quarter must apply credit to any excise taxes, penalties or interest required by this chapter or fees, taxes, penalties or interest applicable pursuant to chapter 371, 482 or 706 of NRS and any balance may be refunded or credited to succeeding reports.


A person who wishes to apply for a refund of the tax on special fuel paid by the person pursuant to subsection 5 of NRS 366.207 must:


Submit an application for the refund on a form prescribed by the Department; and


Establish to the satisfaction of the Department that within a period of 6 months the person purchased not less than 200 gallons of special fuel in this State which was used for a purpose that is exempt from the tax on special fuel pursuant to NRS 366.200.
Ê The Department shall refund to an applicant who complies with the provisions of this subsection a refund in an amount equal to the tax paid by the applicant less the percentage allowed the special fuel supplier pursuant to NRS 366.390.


To establish the validity of any claim for a refund, the Department may, upon demand, examine the books and records of the claimant. The failure of the claimant to accede to such a demand constitutes a waiver of all rights to the refund claimed on account of the transactions questioned.


No refund of special fuel taxes may be made for off-highway use of special fuel consumed in watercraft in this State for recreational purposes.

Source: Section 366.650 — Requirements for refund or credit; examination of records of claimant., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-366.­html#NRS366Sec650.

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