Nevada Revenue and Taxation
Sec. § 366.265
Special fuel user: Display of identifying device; location of license or electronic device displaying license; fee for issuance of identifying device.


A special fuel user who is required to hold a special fuel user’s license pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall:


If the special fuel user uses special fuel in a motor vehicle that is operated or intended to operate interstate:


Obtain an identifying device issued pursuant to:
(I) An agreement with the Department entered into pursuant to NRS 366.245; or
(II) A cooperative agreement entered into pursuant to NRS 366.175; and


Conspicuously display that identifying device on the exterior of the motor vehicle in such location as is required pursuant to the cooperative agreement.


At any time the special fuel user is using special fuel in this State, ensure that his or her license, a reproduction of the license that is authorized by the Department or an electronic device that displays the license in an electronic format that is authorized by the Department is located in the motor vehicle.


The Department may establish by regulation a fee for the issuance of the identifying device described in subsection 1, in an amount not to exceed the estimated administrative costs of issuing the device. If the Department establishes the fee and issues such a device to a special fuel user or provides such a device to the special fuel user under the terms of an agreement entered into pursuant to NRS 366.245, it shall charge and collect the fee from the special fuel user.


If proof of licensure is provided by means of an electronic device:


The person who presents the electronic device assumes all liability for any resulting damage to the electronic device; and


The licensee may be held liable for other infractions indicated by the electronic image displaying evidence of licensure.
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