Nevada Revenue and Taxation

Sec. § 365.500
Dealers, suppliers, exporters and transporters: Maintenance of certain records; examinations, investigations and inspections by Department; fee for examination outside State; statements of contents of records.


Every dealer, supplier, exporter and transporter shall cause to be kept a true record, in such form as may be prescribed or approved by the Department, of all stocks of motor vehicle fuel and fuel for jet or turbine-powered aircraft and of other inflammable or combustible liquids, and of all manufacture, refining, compounding, blending, purchases, receipts, exportations, transportations, use, sales and distribution thereof.


The Department or its authorized agents may:


Examine the books, records, papers and equipment of any dealer, supplier, exporter or transporter of such fuel or liquids, or of any other person transporting or storing such fuel or liquids;


Investigate the character of the disposition which any person makes of such fuel or liquids; and


Stop and inspect a motor vehicle that is using or transporting such fuel or liquids,
Ê to determine whether all excise taxes due pursuant to this chapter are being properly reported and paid.


Books and records subject to examination pursuant to subsection 2 must remain available for examination for a period of 4 years after the date of any entry therein.


If a dealer, supplier, exporter or transporter wishes to keep proper books and records pertaining to business done in Nevada elsewhere than within the State of Nevada for inspection as provided in this section, he or she must pay a fee for the examination in an amount per day equal to the amount set by law for out-of-state travel for each day or fraction thereof during which the examiner is actually engaged in examining those books and records, plus the actual expenses of the examiner during the time that the examiner is absent from this State for the purpose of making the examination, but the time must not exceed 1 day going to and 1 day coming from the place where the examination is to be made in addition to the number of days or fractions thereof the examiner is actually engaged in auditing those books and records. Not more than two such examinations may be charged against any dealer, supplier, exporter or transporter in any year.


Any money received must be deposited by the Department to the credit of the fund or operating account from which the expenditures for the examination were paid.


Upon the demand of the Department, each dealer, supplier, exporter or transporter shall furnish a statement showing the contents of the books and records to such extent and in such detail and form as the Department may require.

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