Nevada Revenue and Taxation

Sec. § 365.370
Tax refunds: Persons entitled; payment by prescribed classes; minimum claims.

Any person who exports any motor vehicle fuel or fuel for jet or turbine-powered aircraft from this State, or who sells any such fuel to the United States Government for official use of the United States Armed Forces, or who buys and uses any such fuel for purposes other than for the propulsion of motor vehicles or jet or turbine-powered aircraft, and who has paid any tax on such fuel levied or directed to be paid as provided by this chapter, either directly by the collection of the tax by the vendor from the customer or indirectly by the addition of the amount of the tax to the price of the fuel, must be reimbursed and repaid the amount of the tax so paid by him or her, except as follows:


Claims for refunds must be paid by prescribed classes in accordance with the regulations of the Department.


The minimum claim for a refund must be based on at least 200 gallons of such fuel purchased in this State within a 6-month period which is used for a purpose that is exempt from payment of the excise taxes imposed by this chapter.


No refund of motor vehicle fuel taxes may be made for off-highway use of motor vehicle fuel consumed in watercraft in this State for recreational purposes.


A person who exports, sells, buys or uses aviation fuel for any purpose is not entitled to reimbursement of any tax paid by him or her on such fuel.

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