Nevada Revenue and Taxation

Sec. § 365.192
Additional excise tax of 1 cent per gallon levied on certain motor vehicle fuel; duties of suppliers, purchasers and Department.


In addition to any other tax provided for in this chapter, there is hereby levied an excise tax of 1 cent per gallon on motor vehicle fuel, except aviation fuel.


The tax imposed pursuant to this section must be collected by the supplier in the manner provided in this chapter. Upon the collection of the tax by the supplier, the purchaser of the fuel shall provide to the supplier a statement that sets forth the number of gallons of fuel that will be sold to retailers in each county in this State. The tax must be paid to the Department and delivered by the Department to the State Treasurer. When the tax is paid to the Department, the supplier shall provide to the Department a copy of the statement provided to the supplier by the purchaser pursuant to this subsection.

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