Nevada Public Financial Administration

Sec. § 358.040
Powers and duties.


The Council shall, within the scope of its authority, advise and assist state and local agencies with respect to obtaining and maximizing federal assistance.


The Council may request information from state and local agencies for the purposes of evaluating and monitoring the success of such agencies in accordance with the stated purpose of the Council pursuant to subsection 1. A state or local agency may provide any information, collaborate with the Council or utilize any assistance offered by the Council for the purpose of obtaining and maximizing any federal assistance that may be available to the state or local agency.


The Council shall:


Address methods and models for identifying, procuring, utilizing and maintaining federal assistance, including, without limitation:


Streamlining process, regulatory, structural and other barriers to the acquisition of federal assistance that may exist at each level of federal, state or local government.


Developing and expanding opportunities for obtaining matching funds for federal assistance.


Ensuring sufficient personnel and technical expertise in state and local governments and nonprofit organizations.


Developing and expanding opportunities to work with nonprofit organizations to achieve common goals.


Standards for balancing the costs to a state or local agency of maximizing eligibility for federal assistance relative to the ability of the agency to utilize effectively such federal assistance.


Develop legislative and executive recommendations on matters described in paragraph (a).


As used in this section, “federal assistance” means money, equipment, material or services that may be available to a state or local agency from any agency or authority of the Federal Government pursuant to a federal program.

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