Nevada Public Financial Administration

Sec. § 353C.177
Withholding of income: Unlawful for employer to use withholding as basis for refusing to hire, discharging or taking disciplinary action against employee; liability; penalty.


It is unlawful for an employer to use the withholding of income to collect an obligation to pay money to the State Controller as a basis for refusing to hire a potential employee, discharging an employee or taking disciplinary action against an employee. Any employer who violates this section shall hire or reinstate any such employee with no loss of pay or benefits, is liable for any amounts not withheld and must be fined $1,000. If an employee prevails in an action based on this section, the employer is liable, in an amount not less than $2,500, for payment of the employee’s costs and attorney’s fees incurred in that action.


If an employer wrongfully refuses to withhold income as required pursuant to NRS 353C.171 to 353C.179, inclusive, or knowingly misrepresents the income of an employee, the employer shall pay the amount the employer refused to withhold to the State Controller and may be ordered to pay punitive damages to the State Controller in an amount not to exceed $1,000 for each pay period the employer failed to withhold income as required or knowingly misrepresented the income of the employee.

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