Nevada Public Financial Administration

Sec. § 353C.172
Withholding of income: Notice to person who is subject to withholding.

Not earlier than 15 days after sending the notice required pursuant to subsection 2 of NRS 353C.171, if the State Controller intends to require each employer of a person to withhold income from the person’s wages and pay it over to the State Controller in accordance with the provisions of NRS 353C.171 to 353C.179, inclusive, the State Controller must provide to the person who is subject to the withholding of income a notice, sent by certified mail to the person’s last known address:


That his or her income is going to be withheld not earlier than 15 days after the postmark of the notice sent pursuant to this section;


That a notice to withhold income applies to any current or subsequent employer;


That a notice to withhold income has been mailed to his or her employer;


Of the information provided to his or her employer pursuant to NRS 353C.174;


That he or she may contest the withholding pursuant to NRS 353C.173; and


Of the grounds and procedures for contesting the withholding.

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