Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 34.760
Contents of respondent’s answer; supplemental material.


The answer must state whether the petitioner has previously applied for relief from the petitioner’s conviction or sentence in any proceeding in a state or federal court, including a direct appeal or a petition for a writ of habeas corpus or other postconviction relief.


The answer must indicate what transcripts of pretrial, trial, sentencing and postconviction proceedings are available, when these transcripts can be furnished and what proceedings have been recorded and not transcribed. The respondent shall attach to the answer any portions of the transcripts, except those in the court’s file, which the respondent deems relevant. The court on its own motion or upon request of the petitioner may order additional portions of existing transcripts to be furnished or certain portions of the proceedings which were not transcribed to be transcribed and furnished. If a transcript is not available or procurable, the court may require a narrative summary of the evidence to be submitted.


If the petitioner appealed from the judgment of conviction or any adverse judgment or order in a prior petition for a writ of habeas corpus or postconviction relief, a copy of the petitioner’s brief on appeal and any opinion of the appellate court must be filed by the respondent with the answer.

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