Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 34.020
Writ may be granted by appellate and district courts; when writ may issue.


This writ may be granted, on application, by the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, a district court, or a judge of the district court. When the writ is issued by the district court or a judge of the district court it shall be made returnable before the district court.


The writ shall be granted in all cases when an inferior tribunal, board or officer, exercising judicial functions, has exceeded the jurisdiction of such tribunal, board or officer and there is no appeal, nor, in the judgment of the court, any plain, speedy and adequate remedy.


In any case prosecuted for the violation of a statute or municipal ordinance wherein an appeal has been taken from a Justice Court or from a municipal court, and wherein the district court has passed upon the constitutionality or validity of such statute or ordinance, the writ shall be granted by the appellate court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to the rules fixed by the Supreme Court pursuant to Section 4 of Article 6 of the Nevada Constitution upon application of the State or municipality or defendant, for the purpose of reviewing the constitutionality or validity of such statute or ordinance, but in no case shall the defendant be tried again for the same offense.

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