NRS 338.13862
Requirements for awarding contract for smaller public work to contractor.


Before this State or a local government awards a contract for the completion of a public work in accordance with subsection 1 of NRS 338.1386, the State or the local government must:


If the estimated cost of the public work is more than $25,000 but not more than $100,000, solicit bids from at least three properly licensed contractors; and


If the estimated cost of the public work is $25,000 or less, solicit a bid from at least one properly licensed contractor.


Any bids received in response to a solicitation for bids made pursuant to this section may be rejected if the State or the local government determines that:


The quality of the services, materials, equipment or labor offered does not conform to the approved plan or specifications;


The bidder is not responsive or responsible; or


The public interest would be served by such a rejection.


At least once each quarter, the State and each local government shall prepare a report detailing, for each public work over $25,000 for which a contract for its completion is awarded pursuant to paragraph (a) of subsection 1, if any:


The name of the contractor to whom the contract was awarded;


The amount of the contract awarded;


A brief description of the public work; and


The names of all contractors from whom bids were solicited.


A report prepared pursuant to subsection 3 is a public record and must be maintained on file at the administrative offices of the applicable public body.


The provisions of this section do not relieve this State from the duty to award the contract for the public work to a bidder who is:


Qualified pursuant to the applicable provisions of NRS 338.1375 to 338.1382, inclusive; and


The lowest responsive and responsible bidder, if bids are required to be solicited from more than one properly licensed contractor pursuant to subsection 1. For the purposes of this paragraph, the lowest responsive and responsible bidder must be determined in consideration of any applicable bidder’s preference granted pursuant to NRS 338.13844.

Source: Section 338.13862 — Requirements for awarding contract for smaller public work to contractor., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-338.­html#NRS338Sec13862.

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