Nevada Public Property and Purchasing
Sec. § 334.030
Purchase of governmental surplus property by other governmental entities.


The purpose of this section is to permit any governmental entity to take full advantage of the available surplus properties of any other governmental entity.


Any governmental entity may enter into any contract with any other governmental entity for the purchase of any equipment, supplies, materials or other property, real or personal, without regard to provisions of law which require:


The posting of notices or public advertising for bids or of expenditures.


The inviting or receiving of competitive bids.


The delivery of purchases before payment, and without regard to any provision of law which would, if observed, defeat the purpose of this section.


In making any such contract or purchase the purchaser is authorized to accept any condition imposed pursuant to federal, state or local law as a part of the contract.


The governing body or executive authority, as the case may be, of any governmental entity may designate by appropriate resolution or order any officeholder or employee of its own to enter a bid or bids in its behalf at any sale of any equipment, supplies, material or other personal property, owned by any other governmental entity and may authorize that person to make any down payment or payment in full required in connection with such bidding.


Any provisions of any law, charter, ordinance, resolution, bylaws, rule or regulation which are inconsistent with the provisions of this section are suspended to the extent such provisions are inconsistent herewith.
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