Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 32.015
Additional cases in which receiver may be appointed.


In addition to the cases enumerated in NRS 32.010, a court or judge may appoint a receiver in an action brought by a secured lender to enforce the right provided in NRS 40.507, or a similar right provided in a mortgage, to enter and inspect real collateral to determine the existence, location, nature and magnitude of any past, present or threatened release or presence of a hazardous substance from, in, into or onto it. A right provided in a mortgage is subject to the same limitations and requirement of notice as are provided in NRS 40.507.


As used in this section, “hazardous substance,” “release” and “secured lender” have the meanings ascribed to them in NRS 40.504, 40.505 and 40.506, respectively.

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