Nevada Public Organizations for Community Service
Sec. § 319.265
Requirements for regulations adopted by Division that establish program for financing certain residential housing projects.


If the Division adopts regulations which establish a program for the financing of projects, the regulations must not include any provision which restricts or requires the deferral of more than 60 percent of the payment of profits and overhead to a developer of a project that is:


Constructed, developed, financed or insured in whole or in part through any program established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development; and


Secured by a performance bond,
Ê except that such regulations may establish the maximum amount of pro forma profit and overhead for a developer of a project as a percentage of the appraised value of the project.


As used in this section, “project” means a housing facility for residential use which consists of two or more dwelling units for occupancy by eligible tenants on a rental basis. The term includes property which is to be leased, purchased or developed for sites for multifamily housing and upon which the Division takes a security interest and records a regulatory agreement, whether the Division issues bonds, a mortgage loan or a letter of credit for the lease, purchase or development of the multifamily housing.
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