Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.580
Arrest, delivery and surrender of defendant by bail; exoneration of bail.

For the purpose of surrendering the defendant, the bail at any time or place before they are finally charged may themselves arrest the defendant; or by a written authority, endorsed on a certified copy of the undertaking, may empower the sheriff to do so. Upon the arrest of the defendant by the sheriff, or upon delivery of the defendant to the sheriff by the bail, or upon the defendant’s own surrender, the bail shall be exonerated; provided, such arrest, delivery or surrender shall take place before the expiration of 10 days after judgment; but if such arrest, delivery or surrender be not made within 10 days after judgment, the bail shall be finally charged on their undertaking, and be bound to pay the amount of the judgment within 10 days thereafter.

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