Nevada Elections

Sec. § 306.005
Informational pamphlet describing requirements of chapter; fee.


The Secretary of State shall prepare an informational pamphlet describing the requirements for filing and circulating a petition to recall a public officer pursuant to this chapter. The pamphlet must include:


A copy of Section 9 of Article 2 of the Constitution of the State of Nevada;


A copy of chapter 306 of NRS and any regulations adopted pursuant to that chapter;


A copy of all other relevant provisions of NRS;


A sample petition to demonstrate an acceptable format for such a petition; and


Such other information as the Secretary of State deems necessary.


A copy of the pamphlet must be distributed to any person who requests such information upon payment of any applicable fee. The Secretary of State may charge a fee for the pamphlet which must not exceed the cost of preparing and printing the pamphlet.

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