Nevada Elections

Sec. § 294A.370
Media to make certain information available.


A newspaper, radio broadcasting station, outdoor advertising company, television broadcasting station, direct mail advertising company, printer or other person or group of persons which accepts, broadcasts, disseminates, prints or publishes:


Advertising for or against any candidate or a group of such candidates;


Political advertising for any person other than a candidate; or


Advertising for the passage or defeat of a question or group of questions on the ballot,
Ê shall, during the period beginning at least 10 days before each primary election or general election and ending at least 30 days after the election, make available for inspection information setting forth the cost of all such advertisements accepted and broadcast, disseminated or published. The person or entity shall make the information available at any reasonable time and not later than 3 days after it has received a request for such information.


For purposes of this section, the necessary cost information is made available if a copy of each bill, receipt or other evidence of payment made out for any such advertising is kept in a record or file, separate from the other business records of the enterprise and arranged alphabetically by name of the candidate or the person or group which requested the advertisement, at the principal place of business of the enterprise.

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