Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293C.3576
Schedule of locations and days and hours for early voting; limitations on establishment of additional locations; extension of hours after publication of schedule.


The city clerk shall publish during the week before the period for early voting and at least once each week during the period for early voting in a newspaper of general circulation a schedule stating:


The location of each permanent and temporary polling place for early voting.


The dates and hours that early voting will be conducted at each location.


The city clerk shall post a copy of the schedule on the bulletin board used for posting notice of the meetings of the city council. The schedule must be posted continuously for a period beginning not later than the fifth day before the first day of the period for early voting by personal appearance and ending on the last day of that period.


The city clerk shall make copies of the schedule available to the public in reasonable quantities without charge during the period of posting.


No additional polling places for early voting may be established after the schedule is published pursuant to this section.

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