NRS 293C.306
Distribution of forms to request absent ballot.


A person who, during the 6 months immediately preceding an election, distributes to more than a total of 500 registered voters a form to request an absent ballot for the election shall:


Distribute the form prescribed by the Secretary of State, which must, in 14-point type or larger at the top of the first page of the form:


Identify the person who is distributing the form; and


Include the following notice stating, with the first sentence of the notice in bold type:
[Text not available]
This is not an official elections notice from the Secretary of State or your county or city clerk. This is a form to request an absent ballot that you may submit to your county or city clerk if you want to vote by absent ballot. However, even if you want to vote by absent ballot, you do not need to submit this form if you have already requested an absent ballot for this election year or are already entitled to receive an absent ballot for all elections.
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Not later than 28 days before distributing such a form, provide to the city clerk of each city to which a form will be distributed written notification of the approximate number of forms to be distributed to voters in the city and of the first date on which the forms will be distributed;


Not return or offer to return to the city clerk a form that was mailed to a registered voter pursuant to this subsection; and


Not mail such a form later than 35 days before the election.


The provisions of this section do not authorize a person to vote by absent ballot if the person is not otherwise eligible to vote by absent ballot.

Source: Section 293C.306 — Distribution of forms to request absent ballot., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-293C.­html#NRS293CSec306.

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