Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293C.275
Procedure for taking registered voter’s signature.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 293C.272, a registered voter who applies to vote must state his or her name to the election board officer in charge of the roster, and the officer shall immediately announce the name, instruct the voter to sign the roster or signature card and verify the signature of the voter in the manner set forth in NRS 293C.270.


If the signature does not match, the voter must be identified by:


Answering questions from the election board officer covering the personal data which is reported on the application to register to vote;


Providing the election board officer, orally or in writing, with other personal data which verifies the identity of the voter; or


Providing the election board officer with proof of identification as described in NRS 293C.270 other than the card issued to the voter at the time he or she registered to vote or was deemed to be registered to vote.


If the signature of the voter has changed in comparison to the signature on the application to register to vote, the voter must update his or her signature on a form prescribed by the Secretary of State.

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