Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293C.112
Governing body authorized to conduct city election by mail under certain circumstances.


The governing body of a city may conduct a city election in which all ballots must be cast by mail if:


The election is a special election; or


The election is a primary city election or general city election in which the ballot includes only:


Offices and ballot questions that may be voted on by the registered voters of only one ward; or


One office or ballot question.


The provisions of NRS 293C.265 to 293C.302, inclusive, 293C.304 to 293C.340, inclusive, and 293C.355 to 293C.361, inclusive, do not apply to an election conducted pursuant to this section.


For the purposes of an election conducted pursuant to this section, each precinct in the city shall be deemed to have been designated a mailing precinct pursuant to NRS 293C.342.

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