Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.387
Canvass of returns; abstract of votes.


As soon as the returns from all the precincts and districts in any county have been received by the board of county commissioners, the board shall meet and canvass the returns. The canvass must be completed on or before the sixth working day following the election.


In making its canvass, the board shall:


Note separately any clerical errors discovered; and


Take account of the changes resulting from the discovery, so that the result declared represents the true vote cast.


The county clerk shall, as soon as the result is declared, enter upon the records of the board an abstract of the result, which must contain the number of votes cast for each candidate. The board, after making the abstract, shall cause the county clerk to certify the abstract and, by an order made and entered in the minutes of its proceedings, to make:


A copy of the certified abstract; and


A mechanized report of the abstract in compliance with regulations adopted by the Secretary of State,
Ê and transmit them to the Secretary of State not more than 7 working days after the election.


The Secretary of State shall, immediately after any primary election, compile the returns for all candidates voted for in more than one county. The Secretary of State shall make out and file in his or her office an abstract thereof, and shall certify to the county clerk of each county the name of each person nominated, and the name of the office for which the person is nominated.

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