NRS 293.3585
Procedure for early voting.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 293.283, upon the appearance of a person to cast a ballot for early voting, an election board officer shall:


Determine that the person is a registered voter in the county.


Instruct the voter to sign the roster for early voting or a signature card.


Verify the signature of the voter in the manner set forth in NRS 293.277.


Verify that the voter has not already voted in the current election pursuant to this section.


If the signature of the voter does not match, the voter must be identified by:


Answering questions from the election board officer covering the personal data which is reported on the application to register to vote;


Providing the election board officer, orally or in writing, with other personal data which verifies the identity of the voter; or


Providing the election board officer with proof of identification as described in NRS 293.277 other than the card issued to the voter at the time he or she registered to vote or was deemed to be registered to vote.


If the signature of the voter has changed in comparison to the signature on the application to register to vote, the voter must update his or her signature on a form prescribed by the Secretary of State.


The county clerk shall prescribe a procedure, approved by the Secretary of State, to verify that the voter has not already voted in the current election pursuant to this section.


The roster for early voting or a signature card, as applicable, must contain:


The voter’s name, the address where he or she is registered to vote, his or her voter identification number and a place for the voter’s signature;


The voter’s precinct or voting district number, if that information is available; and


The date of voting early in person.


When a voter is entitled to cast a ballot and has identified himself or herself to the satisfaction of the election board officer, the voter is entitled to receive the appropriate ballot or ballots, but only for his or her own use at the polling place for early voting.


If the ballot is voted on a mechanical recording device which directly records the votes electronically, the election board officer shall:


Prepare the mechanical recording device for the voter;


Ensure that the voter’s precinct or voting district, if that information is available, and the form of ballot are indicated on the voting receipt, if the county clerk uses voting receipts; and


Allow the voter to cast a vote.


A voter applying to vote early by personal appearance may be challenged pursuant to NRS 293.303.

Source: Section 293.3585 — Procedure for early voting., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-293.­html#NRS293Sec3585.

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