Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.2565
Use of given names, surnames and nicknames on ballot; use of additional criteria to distinguish between candidates having same given names and surnames.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, in any election regulated by this chapter, the name of a candidate printed on a ballot may be the given name and surname of the candidate or a contraction or familiar form of his or her given name followed by his or her surname. A nickname of not more than 10 letters may be incorporated into the name of a candidate. The nickname must be in quotation marks and appear immediately before the surname of the candidate. A nickname must not indicate any political, economic, social or religious view or affiliation and must not be the name of any person, living or dead, whose reputation is known on a statewide, nationwide or worldwide basis, or in any other manner deceive a voter regarding the person or principles for which he or she is voting.


In any election regulated by this chapter, if two or more candidates have the same given name and surname and:


None of the candidates is an incumbent, the middle names or middle initials, if any, of the candidates must be included in the names of the candidates; or


One of the candidates is an incumbent, the name of the incumbent must be listed first and the word “Incumbent” must appear next to the name of the candidate who is the incumbent.

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