Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.203
Contents and publication of notice of primary or general election.

Immediately upon receipt by the county clerk of the certified list of candidates for judicial and nonjudicial office from the Secretary of State pursuant to NRS 293.187, the county clerk shall publish a notice of primary election or general election in a newspaper of general circulation in the county once a week for 2 successive weeks. If no such newspaper is published in the county, the publication may be made in a newspaper of general circulation published in the nearest Nevada county. The notice must contain:


The date of the election.


The location of the polling places.


The hours during which the polling places will be open for voting.


The names of the candidates.


A list of the offices to which the candidates seek nomination or election.
Ê The notice required for a general election pursuant to this section may be published in conjunction with the notice required for a proposed constitution or constitutional amendment pursuant to NRS 293.253. If the notices are combined in this manner, they must be published three times in accordance with subsection 3 of NRS 293.253.

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