Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.171
Procedure for organization.


To be organized as a minor political party, an organization must file with the Secretary of State a certificate of existence which includes the:


Name of the political party;


Names of its officers;


Names of the members of its executive committee; and


Name of the person authorized to file the list of its candidates for partisan office with the Secretary of State.


A copy of the constitution or bylaws of the party must be affixed to the certificate.


A minor political party shall file with the Secretary of State an amended certificate of existence within 5 days after any change in the information contained in the certificate.


The constitution or bylaws of a minor political party must provide a procedure for the nomination of its candidates in such a manner that only one candidate may be nominated for each office.


A minor political party whose candidates for partisan office do not appear on the ballot for the general election must file a notice of continued existence with the Secretary of State not later than the second Friday in August preceding the general election.


A minor political party which fails to file a notice of continued existence as required by subsection 5 ceases to exist as a minor political party in this State.

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