Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.12793
Appeal with Secretary of State contesting verification of signatures; notification of public officer who is subject of petition to recall; consideration and investigation of allegations.


If the Secretary of State determines that the total number of signatures that the county clerks have certified pursuant to NRS 293.1277 or 293.1279 is less than 100 percent of the number of registered voters needed to make the petition sufficient, the person who submitted the petition may contest the verification of the signatures by filing an appeal with the Secretary of State. The appeal must:


Be filed within 5 working days after receipt of notification of the determination of the Secretary of State;


Include each reason for the appeal; and


Include a statement of the number of signatures, if any, that the county clerk determined were invalid.


The Secretary of State shall:


If the petition was circulated pursuant to chapter 306 of NRS, immediately notify the public officer who is the subject of the petition of the appeal by the person who submitted the petition; and


Consider the allegations and conduct an investigation, if necessary.

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