Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.127
Liberal construction of title and determination of real will of electors.


This title must be liberally construed to the end that:


All electors, including, without limitation, electors who are elderly or disabled, have an opportunity to participate in elections and to cast their votes privately;


An eligible voter with a physical or mental disability is not denied the right to vote solely because of the physical or mental disability; and


The real will of the electors is not defeated by any informality or by failure substantially to comply with the provisions of this title with respect to the giving of any notice or the conducting of an election or certifying the results thereof.


For purposes of counting a vote, the real will of an elector must be determined pursuant to NRS 293.3677 or 293C.369 or regulations adopted pursuant to NRS 293.3677 or 293C.369.

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