Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 288.120
Subpoenas; powers of district court.


For the purpose of hearing and deciding appeals or complaints, the Board may issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of witnesses before it, together with all books, memoranda, papers and other documents relative to the matters under investigation, administer oaths and take testimony thereunder.


The district court in and for the county in which any hearing is being conducted by the Board may compel the attendance of witnesses, the giving of testimony and the production of books and papers as required by any subpoena issued by the Board.


In case of the refusal of any witness to attend or testify or produce any papers required by such subpoena, the Board may report to the district court in and for the county in which the hearing is pending by petition, setting forth:


That due notice has been given of the time and place of attendance of the witness or the production of the books and papers;


That the witness has been subpoenaed in the manner prescribed in this chapter; and


That the witness has failed and refused to attend or produce the papers required by subpoena before the Board in the hearing named in the subpoena, or has refused to answer questions propounded to the witness in the course of such hearing,
Ê and asking an order of the court compelling the witness to attend and testify or produce the books or papers before the Board.


The court, upon petition of the Board, shall enter an order directing the witness to appear before the court at a time and place to be fixed by the court in such order, the time to be not more than 10 days from the date of the order, and then and there show cause why the witness has not attended or testified or produced the books or papers before the Board. A certified copy of the order shall be served upon the witness. If it appears to the court that the subpoena was regularly issued by the Board, the court shall thereupon enter an order that the witness appear before the Board at the time and place fixed in the order and testify or produce the required books or papers, and upon failure to obey the order the witness shall be dealt with as for contempt of court.

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