Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 284.383
Use of disciplinary measures; employee entitled to receive copy of findings or recommendations; classified employee entitled to receive copy of policy explaining information relating to disciplinary action.


The Commission shall adopt by regulation a system for administering disciplinary measures against a state employee in which, except in cases of serious violations of law or regulations, less severe measures are applied at first, after which more severe measures are applied only if less severe measures have failed to correct the employee’s deficiencies.


The system adopted pursuant to subsection 1 must provide that a state employee is entitled to receive a copy of any findings or recommendations made by an appointing authority or the representative of the appointing authority, if any, regarding proposed disciplinary action.


An appointing authority shall provide each permanent classified employee of the appointing authority with a copy of a policy approved by the Commission that explains prohibited acts, possible violations and penalties and a fair and equitable process for taking disciplinary action against such an employee.

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