Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 284.175
Plan for payment of classified employees: Preparation; approval; contents; regulations; recommendations to Legislature.


After consultation with appointing authorities and state fiscal officers, the Administrator shall prepare a pay plan for all employees in the classified service.


The pay plan and its amendments become effective only after approval by the Governor.


The pay plan must include, without limitation, ranges for each class, grade or group of positions in the classified service. Each employee in the classified service must be paid at one of the rates set forth in the pay plan for the class of position in which the employee is employed and at such time as necessary money is made available for the payment.


The Commission shall adopt regulations to carry out the pay plan.


The Administrator may make recommendations to the Legislature during regular legislative sessions concerning salaries for the classified service of the State. In making such recommendations, the Administrator shall consider factors such as:


Surveys of salaries of comparable jobs in government and private industry within the State of Nevada and western states, where appropriate;


Changes in the cost of living;


The rate of turnover and difficulty of recruitment for particular positions; and


Maintaining an equitable relationship among classifications.

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