Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 282.090
Additional bond of county or township officer: Showing of insufficiency; execution and filing; office vacated for failure to execute and file bond.


Whenever the sureties, or any one of them, on the official bond of any county or township officer shall die, remove without the State, become insolvent or insufficient, or the penalty of such bond shall become insufficient on account of recoveries had thereon, or otherwise, the board of county commissioners of the proper county, of its own motion, or on the showing of any person supported by affidavit, shall summon the officer to appear before the board, at a time stated, not less than 3 days after service of such summons, and show cause why the officer should not execute an additional official bond with good and sufficient sureties.


Should such officer, after due notice, fail to appear at the time appointed, the matter may be heard and determined in the officer’s absence. If, after examination, the board of county commissioners shall be of the opinion that the bond of such officer has become insufficient, from any cause whatever, the board shall require an additional bond, with such security as may be deemed necessary.


The additional bond shall be executed and filed within such time as the board of county commissioners may order, and if any officer shall fail to execute and file such additional bond within the time specified by the order, the office held by the officer shall become vacant.

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