Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281.180
Record of official acts of person taking acknowledgments; liability and penalty.


Each person authorized by law to take the proof or acknowledgment of the execution of conveyances of real property, or other instrument required by law to be proved or acknowledged, shall keep a record of all of the person’s official acts in relation thereto in a book to be provided by the person for that purpose. There shall be entered in the book:


The date of the proof or acknowledgment thereof.


The date of the instrument.


The name or character of the instrument proved or acknowledged.


The names of each of the parties thereto, as grantor, grantee or otherwise.
Ê During business hours, the record shall be open to public inspection without fee or reward.


Any person mentioned in subsection 1 who refuses or neglects to comply with the requirements of this section shall:


Be punished by a fine of not more than $500; and


Be liable on the person’s official bond in damages to any person injured by such refusal or neglect to the extent of the injury sustained by reason of the refusal or neglect mentioned in this subsection.

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