Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 281.167
Payment of subsistence and expenses of travel and moving on transfer or hiring of state employee; repayment on voluntary termination of employment; regulations; claims.


A state agency, board or commission may pay for the travel, subsistence and expenses of moving household furnishings and appliances of an employee and the employee’s family if:


The agency, board or commission transfers, for the convenience of the State, an employee with permanent status from one location to another for permanent assignment;


The agency, board or commission accepts an employee who, for the convenience of the State, changes employment from another agency, board or commission; or


The employee:


Was hired for a permanent position, whether classified or unclassified, for which there is a critical need and which cannot otherwise be filled; and


Moved from a location which was at least 50 miles from the employee’s new location.


If an employee who has been reimbursed pursuant to paragraph (c) of subsection 1 voluntarily terminates the employment of the employee within 1 year after beginning work, the employee must repay to the State the amount of the reimbursement. The agency, board or commission may withhold from the employee’s regular pay or final payment received upon the termination of the employment of the employee, the amount of the repayment required by this subsection.


Maximum allowances for weight, travel and subsistence for the employee and the employee’s family must be determined by regulations of the State Board of Examiners.


All requests for payment pursuant to this section must be submitted to the State Board of Examiners before obligations are incurred. Upon approval by the State Board of Examiners, claims must be submitted for payment in the same manner as other claims against the state from money available to the agency, board or commission.

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