NRS 280.250
Approval and payment of claims.


Every demand against a department, except a demand for the sheriff’s salary, a contested claim or demand or a demand required by the committee to be submitted to it, after the demand is approved and signed by the sheriff or a designee of the sheriff, must be listed on a cumulative voucher sheet and audited by the county auditor or comptroller.


The county auditor or comptroller shall satisfy himself or herself whether the money demanded is legally due and remains unpaid, and whether its payment from the treasury is authorized by law, and out of what fund.


The county auditor or comptroller and the county treasurer must sign the cumulative voucher sheets and the warrants. The county treasurer shall send a signed copy of the cumulative voucher sheets to the committee.


A majority of the members of the committee must approve a contested claim or a demand required to be submitted to the committee before such a demand is paid from the department’s fund. A contested demand must be paid as provided in NRS 280.260.

Source: Section 280.250 — Approval and payment of claims., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-280.­html#NRS280Sec250.

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