Nevada Cooperative Agreements by Public Agencies; Regional Transportation Commissions; Planning and Zoning; Development and Redevelopment

Sec. § 280.130
Composition; compensation; chair.


The committee consists of two representatives from each participating political subdivision.


Representatives of the participating political subdivisions are not entitled to receive any additional compensation or be reimbursed by the department for any expenses incurred while serving on the committee.


Each representative of a participating political subdivision must be a member of its governing body and serves at the pleasure of the governing body making the appointment.


The members of the committee shall, by majority vote, select an additional member of the committee from the general public from a list consisting of three persons nominated by each participating political subdivision and three persons nominated by the sheriff. That person:


Must reside in the area served by the department.


Shall serve until August 1 next succeeding and until a successor is selected.


May succeed himself or herself.


Is entitled to receive as compensation $40 for each day of service.


Is entitled to reimbursement for necessary travel and per diem expenses in the manner provided by the committee for the reimbursement of officers and employees of the department.


If the members of the committee fail to agree on the additional member to be selected pursuant to subsection 4 within 30 days after their initial meeting following the merger or by August 1 of any year thereafter, the additional member of the committee must be appointed by the Governor without regard to the lists submitted. The person so appointed must reside in the area served by the department.


At its first meeting and in August of each year thereafter, the committee shall select one of its members to act as chair.

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